kenton slash demon by Lasse Dearman

Photo: Lasse Dearman

Kenton Slash Demon may sound like the name of an awful metal band (the kind who would name their songs exclusively after medieval torture instruments), but they’re actually an electronic duo, comprised of Denmark’s Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton. And they make music like ‘Harpe’, the kind of slick dance record that pulses and throbs away and consumes your consciousness to the extent that it distorts your ability to perceive time and space.

The plot is this: a man walks into a sleepy (to the extent of being nearly comatose) bar, and decides that he’s in the mood to dance. The fact that the place is small, nearly empty, and has the vibe that it frequently loses customers to the funeral home doesn’t perturb him, and soon he’s got everyone dancing using only sheer enthusiasm. It’s almost the same narrative concept as those big budget banger-pop videos where a sole raver manages to get a entire club to join him ‘on the floor’, except rewritten so as to be actually plausible, and it’s pretty fitting that a testament to the power of a good dance is the visual accompaniment to what is an excellent dance record.

‘Harpe’ is taken from Kenton Slash Demon’s Harpe/Syko EP, out September 11th via Future Classic.

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