Photo: Jesper Berg

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re quite fond of Malmö’s Hey Elbow over here at Ja Ja Ja, having given their live video for ‘Alice‘ a shout-out a few weeks ago and then gotten them to make us a mixtape ahead of their performances for last month’s Ja Ja Ja Germany Club Night. They’re good enough to justify it though, so we’re going to continue to show them love by bringing you the new video for their track ‘Rael’, directed by Björn Wahlström.

‘Rael’ is a track that opens up with growling guitar notes before galloping into a high-speed, echo-loaded rock song, probably the rawest on the album. The video sees the band slip between locations around Malmö, from rolling-skating about car parks to dancing around industrial scrubland, and you can check it our below. Hey Elbow’s debut album Every Other is out now on Adrian Recordings.

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