Photo by Heiko Sehrsam
Photo by Heiko Sehrsam

With the 10th edition of Reeperbahn Festival edging ever nearer, we’ve compiled a handy Nordic schedule to help festival-goers hunt down the finest new tunes from the North!

Find out more about this year’s Reeperbahn Festival – taking place between the 23 – 26 September in Hamburg – in this week’s Nordic Playlist, where we invited Bjørn Pfarr, Head of Music, to share his favourite Nordic artists from this year’s bill. Read about the history of the festival, find out how artists are selected to perform and listen to Bjørn’s hand-picked playlist, showcasing 17 of his favourite Nordic artists!

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In Bjørn’s own words, “Stay awake, be open minded, don’t drink too much before 1am and be ready to run from venue to venue” – as Reeperbahn Festival 2015 is ready to get underway!

Day / Time Artist Venue


20:10 The DeSoto Caucus [DEN] Hasenschaukel
22:10 Heimatt [DEN] Hasenschaukel


15:00 LCMDF [FIN] Sommersalon
15:45 Noah Kin [FIN] Sommersalon
16:30 Venior [FIN/SWE] Sommersalon
17:15 Grave Pleasures [FIN] Sommersalon
20:00 Sóley [ICE] Uebel & Gefährlich
20:15 The Scenes [FIN] The Rock Café St. Pauli
21:20 Eva & Manu [FIN] Angie’s Nightclub
21:30 Black Lizard [FIN] Grüner Jäger
21:30 Nive Nielsen [GR] Molotow SkyBar
21:40 Lukas Graham [DEN] Docks
22:10 Workers in Songs [DEN] Hasenschaukel
22:15 Fay Wildhagen [NOR] Imperial Theater
22:30 The Migrant [DEN] Molotow SkyBar
23:00 K-X-P [FIN] The Rock Café St. Pauli
23:20 Aurora [NOR] Uebel & Gefährlich
23:35 Jonas Alaska [NOR] Imperial Theater
23:40 Mirel Wagner [FIN] Mojo Club
23.55 Grave Pleasures [FIN] Molotow


19:45 Júníus Meyvant [ICE] St. Pauli-Kirche
19:45 Spidergawd [NOR] The Rock Café St. Pauli
20:10 Elias [SWE] Spotify Trendsetter Club (HÄKKEN)
20:15 Cub & Wolf [SWE] Hasenschaukel
20:30 The Courettes [DEN] Pooca Bar
21:20 Mammút [ICE] Nochtspeicher
21:30 Get Your Gun [DEN] Pooca Bar
21:30 Emilie Nicolas [NOR] Gruenspan
22:20 Andreas Moe [SWE] St. Pauli-Kirche
22:30 Beatrice Eli [SWE] Prinzenbar
22:40 Long Line Down [DEN] Pooca Bar
22:40 Vita Bergen [SWE] Angie’s Nightclub
23:00 Yuma Sun [NOR] Jazz Café
23:10 Lapko [FIN] Grüner Jäger
23:10 Vök [ICE] headCRASH
23:30 Monkey Okay [DEN] Pooca Bar
00:00 Elias [SWE] Prinzenbar
00:10 Kid Astray [NOR] Spotify Trendsetter Club (HÄKKEN)
00:20 LCMDF [FIN] Angie’s Nightclub


21:10 Liss [DEN] Prinzenbar
21:20 Alex Vargas [DEN] Indra
21:20 XOV [SWE] Uebel & Gefährlich
21:30 Black Temple [SWE] The Rock Café St. Pauli
22:10 For BDK [SWE] Prinzenbar
22:30 Lydmor & Bon Homme [DEN] Indra
22:50 The Kutimangoes [DEN] Nochtspeicher
23:40 Förtress [DEN] Indra
23:50 Noah Kin [FIN] Angie’s Nightclub
00:30 Agent Fresco [ICE] The Rock Café St. Pauli


13:10 Vök [ICE] Angie’s Nightclub