It’s been a pretty good year for Swedish-Aussie twins Miranda and Elektra Kilbey-Jansson, better known as Say Lou Lou. Their début album Lucid Dreaming garnered them plenty of critical acclaim, they toured relentlessly and even found time to pop up on Cyril Hahn’s new EP, on the track ‘Inferno’. Now they’re wrapping up Lucid Dreaming‘s release cycle with the fourth and final single to be taken from the album, ‘Hard For A Man’.

‘Hard For A Man’ is widescreen, bold pop, all shiny synths and glossy rhythms. But there’s a slightly abstract quality to it too; it is, as you’d expect from a track taken from Lucid Dreaming, a song that prefers to airy exploration to absolute lazer-guided precision, but it still makes sure to pack in an enormous chorus. ‘Hard For A Man’ is out now on Á Deux / Cosmos Music.

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