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Here at Ja Ja Ja, we pride ourselves on hand-picking the finest emerging talent from Nordic countries, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt getting a second opinion… especially if it’s from some of the UK’s most respected and eminent musical minds!

Ahead of next week’s London Club Night at The Lexington, we’re pleased to announce The Ja Ja Ja Roundtable – this month, reviewing tracks from our new favourites CHINAH, The Fjords and Axel Flovent and attended by…

Q Magazine – PAUL STOKES | Associate Editor, Digital

Noisey / VICE – JOE ZADEH | UK Associate Editor

Radio X / XFM – MAZIN TAPPUNI | Communion Presents DJ, Promoter, Festival Booker

Bella Union – SIMON RAYMONDE | Owner/Managing Director, Cocteau Twins, Radio DJ

Frukt Marketing Agency – SIMON SINGLETON | Music Editor

So let’s gather our panel’s thoughts on Axel Flóvent’s track ‘Forest Fires’ – which you’ll be able to hear live on Thursday 24th September at The Lexington in London!

Tickets for the show are available here, and you can get to know Axel better in our exclusive Spotlight Interview


Q Magazine – PAUL STOKES (Associate Editor, Digital)

“With simple guitars and pianos, plus haunting, multi-tracked vocals that seem to invoke the smell of pine – before the louder, anguished sections crash in – the Husavík native fits many people’s identikit image of an Icelandic musician. But that’s because he does frosty folk so very well. If ‘Forest Fires’ feels familiar, it’s largely because Flovent invokes a lovely warmth that’s almost foetal.”

Radio X / XFM – MAZIN TAPPUNI (Communion Presents DJ, Promoter, Festival Booker)

“What I like about this song is the sparsity throughout. Each instrument is used, but very sparingly, allowing the song and vocals to flair. The song has a good structure to it and a pleasant chorus. Axel faces a lot of competition in that singer songwriter world, but we do love a man and his guitar. Excited to hear more from the Icelandic songwriter.”

Bella Union – SIMON RAYMONDE (Owner/Managing Director, Cocteau Twins, Radio DJ)

“An artist with seemingly everything going for him. A beautiful emotional voice, nice gentle acoustic music with a lovely melancholic song, what’s not to like? Can hear ‘Dancers’ sitting comfortably on 6Music and on some Radio 2 shows, like Janice Long, and Bob Harris for sure. I was about to say the second song couldn’t have sounded more different though, sounding like Ivor Cutler, ’til I realised my iTunes was playing Ivor Cutler. I am taking codeine for a bad toothache so forgive the occasional ‘moment’. I thought an Axel Flovent was something to do with the inside working of the ventilation system of a car engine, but I am glad I was wrong! For lovers of gorgeous harmonies, soft and sad pop songs.”

Frukt – SIMON SINGLETON (Music Editor)

“‘Forest Fires’ is a track that’s been bubbling for a good year or so now, gently spreading its charms through online buzz and it’s now racked up over 1 million plays on Soundcloud – the equivalent of every single Icelander listening three times! It’s a beautiful sounding folk record from a very promising songwriter, and another fine example of the small nation’s incredibly rich music scene.”


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