Tove STyrkeWe all remember the 90’s, don’t we? How many times have you sung your hearts out to one of those good old hits, with your headphones on and your music player as a microphone? That’s exactly what Sweden’s Tove Styrke does in this video for her latest single, her own version of Britney Spears’ ‘…Baby One More Time’. She really manages to make this track a lot more 2015 than 1999, with some cool beats and a little roughness!

‘…Baby One More Time’  is a fun extra from Tove, following the recent release of of her latest album Kiddo which features hits like ‘Borderline’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Number One’. At the end of September Tove is heading to the UK for a couple of shows – you can check out her schedule here so you don’t miss her,  and don’t forget to have a listen to the track and watch the video below!


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