Norway is certainly a nation in tune with its laid back side. The country positively oozes considered coolness, and the nation’s very own Gold Celeste are fine representatives of this super-cooled ethos.

The band’s new track ‘Open Your Eyes’, taken from their debut LP The Glow (set for release on September 11th), serves as an instructive introduction to the blissed out world of Gold Celeste, harbouring broad washes of synths that fizz like ice cold soda on your tongue.

The baggy rhythm and falsetto vocals shimmer with psychedelic verve, and ripple with the same sonic swirls found in the likes of Tame Impala and Avi Buffalo. The track has a looseness to it that lends ‘Open Your Eyes’ a ramshackle nature, but you get the distinct impression these guys know exactly what they’re doing.

‘Open Your Eyes’ emanates sunkissed rays of positivity with a gleeful knack for experimental melody that serves as an invitation to indulge yourself in a good old fashioned trip-out.

Watch the video for ‘Open Your Eyes’ below.


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