sea lion

Linn Österberg, who goes by the name Sea Lion, is a Gothenburg musician who has an incredible knack for constructing simple but devastatingly elegant music. She started to pick up press attention last year with her EP Cobra’s Eyes, a collection of immaculate, feathery pop songs. Now she’s gearing up for the release of her first full-length LP, and has just dropped the single ‘If My Baby’.

‘If My Baby’ is one of those impossibly delicate tracks that seems to slow time down. Österberg’s crystal voice hovers gently over a picked guitar line, while it grows subtly into its chorus of “so come and hold me down, while we waste some time, baby”. It’s vaguely reminiscent of Warpaint’s starry acoustic track ‘Billie Holiday’ in its effortless grace. ‘If My Baby’ is the third track to be released from Sea Lion’s upcoming debut album, Desolate Stars, out on August 28th on Turnstile.

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