Redder Heikki Kaski

The band Redder was founded as a double act by Finnish musicians Vesa Hoikka and Frans Saraste, before the line-up expanded to include Juho Pääkkönen and Kristian Äijö. The sound they’ve arrived at is difficult to compare to other bands. Their music creates a highly unique, intensely charged atmosphere, which is showcased on new single ‘Three of Ours’.

‘Three of Ours’ is a heavy song, right from the opening piano notes. The uncertain, mumbled spoken word sections evoke Iggy Pop’s interludes on The Idiot and Lust For Life albums, while the delicate, high vocal (“I’m a traveller crippled by my conscience. Washing temptations seems so demanding”) only adds to the songs uneasy tone. Musically, it’s a dazzlingly impressive blend of jazz and electronica, with the band blurring the lines between the two genres with ease. ‘Three Of Ours’ is out now.

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