Cats of Transnistria

The Finnish duo Cats Of Transnistria create a dark, quiet and yet mesmerizing sound you definitely can’t get enough of. After having released their first EP Away last January, the new single ‘Thunder Comes’ is out August 28th via Helsinki based record label Soliti.

With its atmospheric sound, ‘Thunder Comes’ initiates the end of summer and welcomes all the thunderstorms we have to go through in autumn. Deeply touched by the floating and soft voice of singer Henna Hietamäki, your longing heart will beat to Tuomas Alatalo’s noisy and shattering guitar. As they describe: “suggested for use at dark and stormy nights”. Damn, they are right. Autumn is coming, the thunderstorms are coming and Cats of Transnistria are going to create our soundtrack for the dark time of the year.

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