What can we tell you about Madremadre? Well, not a great deal, unfortunately. A band? A solo artist masquerading as a band? Your guess is as good as ours, at this point. Here’s what we can tell you: Madremadre is music from Luleå in Sweden, and they have a song called ‘Dance’ which is making us want to do just that.

The track begins with a simple, synthesized beat that sounds like it might have come from a keyboard demo, but this cheeky, lo-fi quality really works as the picked guitar line comes in, followed swiftly by a catchy whistled melody and soft, half-spoken vocals. The result is something that sounds a little laid back, a little DIY, but a lot of fun. This, combined with a video of retro looking footage of people doing exactly what the song urges you to do – dance – is difficult to resist. Our advice is to turn it up and shimmy as you see fit.



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