Theo Berndt Balloons

From the very first note, the energy in Theo Berndt‘s ‘Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way’ is impossible to ignore and difficult to resist. Hailing from Gothenburg, you’d be forgiven for a) assuming that Theo Berndt is a ‘he’ when it fact Theo Berndt is a ‘they’, and b) that the music of Theo Berndt would be the swoonsome synth dreams that so many of their city’s musical alumni have chosen to create, rather than catchy, harmony-rich indie rock.

The tap-tap-tap of that first insistent note seems like it could be too much, but instead it just forms the backbone for a clever, catchy indie rock track to unfold around. The melodic choices and vocal harmonies bring to mind classic indie-rock heroes (and fellow Swedes) The Wannadies, but with the bouncing energy and some rapid changes in pace, there’s a freshness that gives their sound something unique to it as well.

‘Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way’ is released on July 8th via Birds Will Sing For You, and you can listen right now below:

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