La Bagatelle Magique didn’t exactly come together in straightforward circumstances. When Robyn finished a heavy tour, she decided to start working with close friend Christian Falk, and as a plan for the project started to come together, they recruited their friend and Monster & Machine member Marcus Jägerstedt to help. Falk sadly passed away during the sessions, but Robyn and Jägerstedt continued, and eventually finished the mini-album, with the first single ‘Love Is Free’ released last month.

‘Love is Free’ was a piece of funky 90s house, but ‘Set Me Free’ is more straightforwardly poppy, albeit still pop pushed through a weird filter. As the song titles suggest and Robyn confirms, “Freedom is a reoccurring theme on the record”, and ‘Set Me Free’ has that sense of euphoria, of restrictions being blasted away. ‘Set Me Free’ is out now, and the mini-album, also titled Love Is Free, will be released on Robyn’s own Konichiwa Records on August 7th.


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