Farao is the musical baby of Norwegian Kari Jahnsen, who splits her time between London, Berlin and Iceland. That kind of mix is sure to produce an eclectic and unique style, and Jahnsen showcases that in her music, which can often shift through several different genres in one song, as previous single ‘Bodies’ proved. New track ‘Warriors’ is a teaser ahead of her début full-length, Till It’s All Forgotten.

‘Warriors’ is elaborately and carefully constructed from a wide and diverse range of instruments, from bleeping synths to thumping tribal drums. Jahnsen’s voice rides over the musical movements, adding a tense, anxious edge to the track. ‘Warriors’ is a piece of widescreen, dramatic pop music. Till It’s All Forgotten is released in September on Full Time Hobby (Europe) and Arts & Crafts (North America).

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