Are Amason Sweden’s most underrated supergroup? Featuring members of Dungen, Miike Snow and Little Majorette as well as Amanda Bergman on vocals, the band released their album Sky City at the beginning of the year and have been quietly amassing a loyal following ever since. With the album getting a worldwide release this summer, they celebrate with a new video for ‘Kelly’! 

With a foot firmly planted in both the retro and the contemporary, ‘Kelly’ has a fantastic timeless quality about it. Bergman’s understated vocal enchants rather than overpowers, giving chiming guitar (and a pretty meaty sax solo) plenty of room to breathe, and for the listener to get lost in. Directed by Tobias Centerwall, the band and ‘Kelly’ (along with the help of a mysterious animated shadow girl) capture the attention of the world at large via the various screens that exist in modern lives to blow people’s minds. Sky City is due worldwide on August 14th, and while you’re waiting, have your mind gently blown by ‘Kelly’ below.



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