Radio Dept Occupied artwork

It’s difficult to know where to start when writing about The Radio Dept., one of Sweden’s most beloved bands, and for good reason. Over the years they have pioneered, challenged, enthralled and inspired. Lately releases from the band have been more sporadic, with their last full-length album, Clinging To A Scheme, coming out in 2010, but the few morsels they’ve given us, including last year’s ‘Death To Fascism‘ have been as vital as ever.

So today we bring you ‘Occupied’, the title track from a new EP, released, as ever, on Labrador Records, and there’s that dilemma again – where to start with finding words about a brand new track from The Radio Dept.. The simple solution is, of course, to sidestep the obstacle. The true weight of one of a band this special’s songs takes a while to register on your internal scales, and it’s clear that ‘Occupied’ deserves nothing less than repeated listens, and your full attention. So here it is: a new track from The Radio Dept.. Buy it here, listen to it below. 

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