Highasakite are a band that we’ve been excited about for some considerable time, and it seems with every new release their profile grows exponentially, both further afield and in their native Norway. ‘Keep That Letter Safe’ was recently featured prominently in a Norwegian TV show, and that snippet of less a minute saw the band shoot into the top 15 on pre-sales alone, before anyone even heard the whole track!

Good news: you can hear the whole thing, and buy it, now. On ‘Keep That Letter Safe’ we find Highasakite at their dramatic pop best, and like pretty much all other Highasakite songs, it manages to have both an instant hit in terms of melody, and also be the sort of song that really grows on you over repeated listens. Where this band really excel is writing songs that are incredibly powerful but subtle at the same time, and ‘Keep That Letter Safe’ is absolutely no exception.



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