Having just released his début album only a few weeks ago, Sweden’s 1987 is back with ‘YourLove/Ecstasy’ a six-and-a-half minute epic slowjam, and his first offering in English.

Having already won us over with the lovelorn balladry of ‘Michelle’ and lured us onto the dancefloor with ‘Bomb’, 1987 quietly released his album Härskarkonst very recently. Not content, however, with just that, he’s also generously supplied a chilled out slowjam just in time for summer. With a spacious arrangement of airy synths punctuated by rhythmic clicks and the buzz of a rapid hi-hat like purring cat, ‘YourLove/Ecstasy’ is a downtempo exploration of the musical territories he’s made his home, and establishes him as one of the finest craftsmen of emotional and soulful synth-pop.

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