Reykjavík outfit Hjaltalín has created a piece of peaceful art in ‘Engill Alheimsins’, a song that was originally written for the Icelandic National Theatre’s production of the beloved Icelandic novel Englar alheimsins (or ‘Angels of the Universe’ for the English speakers), a moving story that is expressed in the song.

‘Engill Alheimsins’ is calming and simple, yet complex. The music is filled with brief, unpredictable instrumental elements that contribute to and slightly disrupt the melancholy in the song – but in the best possible way. Högni Egilsson’s raw and emotional vocals adds a beautiful expression to the mindful track.

Have a truly unique headphones moment by tuning into the track – as well as a brand new, unmissable offering from Hjaltaliín entitled ‘We Will Live For Ages’ just below!



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