Denmark’s KIll J has been lying low for a little while, it seems, so when she bursts into the room clutching a solid gold pop hit, we’re shocked, but in that awesome ‘all my favourite people are here at this surprise birthday party’ sort of a way. It’s unexpected, but completely exhilarating.

After emerging from the darkness with the stark and arresting ‘Phoenix’, and then following with the ferocious and uncompromising ‘Bullet’, it’s clear that ‘Cold Stone’ is J’s most accessible work to date. It may be grounded firmly in the world of pop music, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of the challenging and unique elements of her music, it’s more that they’re swimming below the surface, making what could have been something cheesy and throwaway into something contemporary and fresh. Well, contemporary and fresh, but still absolutely dressed to the nines in pop hooks, and elevated to the rafters by her distinctive vocals.

Sharing as much pop territory with TĀLĀ as it does with Taylor Swift, this is the sort of pop song you want to give to to 11 year old girls along with a keyboard and a Raspberry Pi, with the strict instructions that they’re not to take any nonsense from anyone and to show the world who’s boss. ‘Cold Stone’ is an anthem for outsiders, about seeing though other people and being true to yourself. What’s better than a solid gold pop hit? A solid gold pop hit that also has a real message and purpose, something KIll J continues to get absolutely right, every time.

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