jose gonzalez

The art of musical collaboration can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it can emphatically fail (R.E.M. and Q-Tip, anyone?) but sometimes the meeting of artistic minds can be an unequivocal triumph. When it comes to the new track by London based producer Barbarossa and Swedish king of lo-fi José González, this sonic collusion happily falls firmly into the latter camp.

Barbarossa (known to his friends as James Mathé) is no stranger to collaboration, having lent his hand to numerous other projects, including spending time as a touring member of José González’s band Junip. So, it’s no surprise that the pair have teamed up, and they’ve created something truly impressive in the form of their new track ‘Home’.

‘Home’ sees Mathé take the reigns, creating smooth swells of synth and rushes of aqueous beats that steadily build into a tidal wave of atmospherics. All of which serves as the perfect landscape for González’s inimitable vocals which intermingle with Mathé’s own, both of which delivered with affecting delicacy. It’s a juxtaposition of frenetic musicality and measured emotion that serves to create a pacing, blissed-out incantation. ‘Home’ is basically the new soundtrack to your late nights.

Listen to ‘Home’ below.



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