Ji Nilsson by Adrian Wigerdal

Stockholm’s Ji Nilsson is no fool. She knows that if you’re going to release a song with the line “it smells like summer in here” that you a) have to release it just as summer starts to make the most of soundtracking the season, and b) it has to be the kind of jam that exudes from every note that humid kind of warmth, or the sort of dappled light you’d get sitting under a tree in the park or streaming through a curtain first thing in the morning.

Of course, ‘Perfume’ meets both of these criteria perfectly, which brings us back to savvy Ji, poised and ready to be in full control of our ears for the next couple of months. The sparse beats and blurry undercurrents of synth are not dissimilar to the feeling you get from the music of fellow Swedes JJ or El Perro Del Mar, without emulating either’s style, but instead forging one of her own. The vocals are soulful, the melody addictive, and there’s even a little nod to Outkast thrown in as a bonus. If that’s not a pretty textbook example of a summer jam, I don’t know what is.

‘Perfume’ is out now via Best Fit Recordings, and you can stream it below:

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