JaJaJaApril 027

The final Ja Ja Ja club night of the season was an explosive affair, as three incredible artists took over The Lexington to celebrate the end of an unforgettable run of shows.

Denmark’s Baby In Vain, Norway’s Jonas Alaska and Sweden’s The Deer Tracks all took to the stage of the Ja Ja Ja’s London home to showcase some of the finest sounds from our northern neighbours, and you can check out exactly what went down in our gallery just below with photos taken by  Sara Amroussi-Gilissen.

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The Deer Tracks

JaJaJaApril 001

JaJaJaApril 003

JaJaJaApril 004

JaJaJaApril 005

Jonas Alaska

JaJaJaApril 008

JaJaJaApril 009

JaJaJaApril 010

JaJaJaApril 011

JaJaJaApril 012

JaJaJaApril 013

JaJaJaApril 014

JaJaJaApril 016

JaJaJaApril 017

Baby In Vain

JaJaJaApril 018

JaJaJaApril 020

JaJaJaApril 021

JaJaJaApril 022

JaJaJaApril 023

JaJaJaApril 024

JaJaJaApril 025

JaJaJaApril 026

JaJaJaApril 027

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