It may be a year old now, but Norwegian producer Todd Terje is still mining gold from his début studio long player It’s Album Time.

‘Alfonso Muskedunder’ (yet another ace title from Mr Olsen) is one of the shorter cuts from Terje’s album, but that just means the fun levels reach critical mass in double-quick time. It’s a track where Henry Mancini meets ‘Peaches en Regalia’ era Zappa meets fruity disco in three-and-a-half chaotic and colourful minutes, yet it’s instantly recognisable as the work of Norway’s finest producer. As such, ‘Alfonso Muskedunder’ deserves a video which captures the carefree spirit of the track… and it’s delivered by the delirious Pink Panther animation of Bendik Kaltenborn, who is responsible for Terje’s album artwork, and the direction of Espen Friberg.

Terje has also dropped a series of remixes for the track from the likes of Mungolian Jet Set, and once you work your way through those you can watch the ace video below:



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