Korallreven are a group who don’t compromise. With several years elapsing between their début LP An Album By Korallreven and the follow up, last year’s Second Comin’, the band are in no rush to share their art unless it’s truly exquisite. So while it comes as a bit of a surprise to have this wonderfully cinematic accompaniment to album highlight ‘Limitless’, it’s the very best kind of surprise you could wish for.

Working with director André Jofré, who describes the video as “a dark story about having too much fun”, it follows three hedonistic young women on a night soundtracked to perfection by Korallreven‘s dense canopy of hypnotic synth-pop. Without giving too much away, Jofré also describes the video as having “essentially taken Drive and swapped out Gosling with Willy Wonka” – so check out the video below and see what he means for yourself!

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