Burning God Little is back with a brand new video today, taken from his latest release Det e i mørke vi lyse!

Tromsø native Martin Hartgen is the mind behind Burning God Little, an artist who has been slowly and steadily revealing his authentic brand of ‘futurepop’ over the past few years. Today he returns with the track ‘Roligdansing’ from the album Det e i mørke vi lysewhich is available now in Scandinavia through Bergen label Nabovarsel.

The song offers up irresistible slices of shimmering synths and resonating beats, as the music conjures images of a trail away from a late night dance floor. We caught up with Martin to find out more about the song, and the inspiration behind the video…

“The video was filmed and directed by the talented Swedes Albin Sjödin and Jonas Börjesson (who also plays the main character).

I think it was about two years ago when Jonas contacted me through my facebook page, saying that he wanted to make a video for one of my songs. At the time I hadn’t produced anything of the quality I was reaching for, so it wasn’t until last autumn that I got back to him with ‘Roligdansing’. Beautiful thing really, Swedes working for Norwegians. 

‘Roligdansing’ translates to ‘slow dancing’. The title is an homage to the moments before the lights come on in the club and you’re just dancing on instinct. Sounds fair, but the actual lyrics has a darker side to them. I talk about the depression in young adults, the ambivalent relationship we have to our parents/siblings etc. I think Jonas did a great job illustrating that.” 

Check out the video for ‘Roligdansing’ exclusively here at Ja Ja Ja!



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