Photo by Hedinn Eiriksson

The story of Iceland’s Vök is one of evolution. The band had its genesis during a cold February in Reykjavik back in 2013 when vocalist Margrét Rán and producer Andri Enoksson began pulling together beats and melodies. Soon afterwards the duo recruited kindred spirt Ólafur Alexander and a fully fledged Vök was born.

But the freshly formulated trio were’t satisfied with simply creating hook laden electronica in their home town. Continuously challenging themselves, the band produced and released their debut EP ’Tension’ and found a home for it, not only in Europe, but also across the Atlantic.

Now Vök are back with the first cut from their new EP Circles, due out in May, and it’s an icy affaire of energetic chill. The staccato beats and slick vocals glide against each other among the immersive synths creating a gradually towering wave of spacious pop. If you’re still left reeling at the demise of The Knife, don’t worry, Vök are here to firmly place themselves on that newly vacant throne.

Listen to ‘If I Was’ below.



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