Jennie Abrahamson

B-sides often get lost in the shuffle of single release and album promos, but you know an artist is seriously talented when their B-sides are equally as exciting and wonderful as the A-side singles. Jennie Abrahamson is one of those artists, and her song ‘Phoenix’ is one of said B-sides.

The combination of her strikingly light and clear voice and the melodramatic use of modern synths and minimalist sounds makes ‘Phoenix’ your perfect four minute retreat to a magical happy place. It’s like reading a fairy tale to your ears.

We had a great time when Jennie joined us to perform at the Ja Ja Ja club night in February, and today marks the international release of her album Gemini Gemini. Make sure to grab a copy soon,¬†and then find your ears’ ‘happily ever after’ by tuning in below:



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