Following on from ‘Waterfalls‘, Stockholm duo Heart/Dancer, continue to create hypnotic electropop duets which are hard to resist. With a backing of driving bass, a staccato synth line accompanies the pair as they declare ‘living is a hallucination’.

They take this surreal idea one step further with their self-produced video. With a colour palette suggesting it might actually be 3D, the video uses the pixilation technique of animation to convey the symbolism which is so important to them. The band explain further the meanings behind their symbolic choices, concluding with the following:

“In the end, what we want to say with this video and song, is that life is full of opportunities – and barriers. Don’t lock yourself up in the maze. It is better to take a small step everyday, than striving for taking big leaps, which you will manage to do only once in a while. And when somebody or something makes you hesitate – empty your hands to enable a little bit more.”

As we take our first tentative steps into 2015, it seems like this is the kind of advice we might need, and a great song to go along with it!



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