shy for shore steal my car

The perceptive fans might have heard of Norway’s Shy For Shore before, as the support for Highasakite’s Rockefeller show, among other things. After a few earlier releases, the 80’s inspired pop duo reveal yet another track and video called ‘Steal My Car’, and it seems like Norway has just spit out yet another golden pop act.

The Oslo/London duo, completed with drummer live, plays painful melodic pop leaning heavily on everything 80’s. ‘Steal My Car’ refines this sound and carries all the way with honest vocals and an almost Madonna-esque ‘Like A Prayer’-intro. It’s a whole lot of ‘hjerte og smerte’, as the Norwegians would put it. The band has also just revealed the accompanying video for the track, and showing no signs of straying away from their fascination with the most fabulous of decades, the video has been shot entirely with an old VHS camera.



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