Sekuoia - Press Pic - (picture by Ihsan Tahir) jpg - Med

Some time ago, Denmark’s electronica groover Sekuoia (who also played the Ja Ja Ja Club in May) remixed his fellow countrymen Ice Cream Cathedrals track Amber Sail, a song originally found on the band’s album The Drowsy Kingdom from 2013. In honour of the mini-tour the two bands just played together, with shows in Ã…rhus and Copenhagen, Ice Cream Cathedral and Sekuoia decided to physically and sonically join forces and record Amber Sail for Here Today.

The recording captures the best of Sekuoia’s characteristic sound and groove with vocals, percussion and body added by Ice Cream Cathedral. Amber Sail as such is a already a very nice track, but this collaboration really shows what can happen when you open up the creative process a bit. It establishes both acts as serious music makers and this type of thing is definitely something we want to see more of!



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