Has any means of transport ever been so tightly connected to music as the car? The train maybe, but I think that was before most people even owned cars. From the original never ending love story between dirty rock ‘n’ roll and even dirtier Americana rides, to Mercedes’ recent brand collaboration with Denmark’s alternative outfit Reptile Youth, music is as full of cars as cars are full of music these days.

The retro-lectro genre currently dominated by Norway’s Lindstrøm and Todd Terje is no exception to this. 80’s sports cars, and the tragicomical wannabe versions of them, have a special place in the heart of this type of music, along with SEGA-games, Walkmans and the first four seasons of Knight Rider. Todd Terje took this love to the next level, and turned his music video for ‘Delorean Dynamite’ into a five minute sales pitch for an iconic Back To The Future Delorean DMC (-81)! Well, a musician’s gotta do what a musician’s gotta do…



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