thea and the wild

With a debut album of the same name out now, Norway’s Thea and the Wild have given us a behind-the-scenes look at their live show with the new video for ‘Strangers and Lovers’.

Young Thea Glenton Raknes is a star in the making and this clip, capturing her in fine live form along with her band, (which includes Kenneth Ishak of Beezewax and Heyerdahl) performing the standout track from Strangers and Lovers. The song betrays a love of Fleetwood Mac in its grandstanding pop chorus and classic rock styling, and there’s more than a little Stevie Nicks in Thea’s glamorous and alluring stage presence.

Strangers and Lovers is out now on Jansen Plateproduksjon; if you’re in Norway you can catch them on tour in November in support of the album, and you can take a look at the clip below:

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