We might be a little too excited about Andreas Kleerup‘s latest collaboration, but as soon as we heard he had Susanne Sundfør on board, we knew we were in for a treat! The Stockholm native is known for his hits with pop heavyweights such as Robyn, Loreen and Lykke Li, whilst Susanne has previously worked with M83 and Royksopp.

This slick slice of disco pop is the result of a match made in heaven. Perhaps the best way to describe it would be as a kind of love child of the Drive and Flashdance soundtracks. Simultaneously both unashamedly bold and synthy and yet undeniably cool – we think we may have found a new favourite track of the year.

‘Let Me In’ is from the up-coming mini album As If We Never Won, released on October 13th via Warner Music.

Watch Kleerup slapping the bass in his studio in the official video below:



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