Following hot on the heels of their video contribution to a silent film in the form of ‘At The Amalfi‘, Iceland’s Hjaltalín are back with another clip, this time to accompany the wonderfully-titled ‘Everything is Gonna Be Like Everything Will Ever Be (Anyways)’.

There’s not much going on in this video, aside from the word “Hraunið” slowly appearing in front of a volcanic background – but that’s important enough as it translates as “The Cliff”, the title of the Icelandic drama the song acts as the theme for. Similarly, not much happens in the song… but it happens beautifully.

Constructed out of Sigríður Thorlacius’s wonderfully fragile and fractured husk of a voice and twinkling Rhodes keys, it’s barely a song at all; more an intimate glimpse into the dying embers of a relationship, the last remnants of futile acts petering out, flickering their last before all that’s left is darkness.

‘Everything is Gonna Be Like Everything Will Ever Be (Anyways)’ has been specially-written for the series, and can’t currently be found elsewhere – so in the meantime, you’ll just have to watch below.



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