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‘Prolific’ doesn’t even begin to describe the qualities of this captivating Norwegian musician…

An artist who’s soon set to release her fourth album in as many years, and who seems to revel in the process of continual creativity, Hanne Kolstø has received widespread critical acclaim in her native Norway for each of her releases so far – Riot Break (2011), FlashBlack (2012) and Stillness and Panic (2013).

Following on from a fantastic, packed performance at this year’s Øya Festival in Oslo, Hanne has now wrapped up the recording of her fourth album and is preparing to make her way to the UK for her first ever performance in the capital. And we here at Ja Ja Ja are incredibly honoured to be able to host her!

Hanne Kolstø will perform alongside Sweden’s Francobollo and Danish outfit Lowly at The Lexington on Thursday 30th October. Find out more about the show by clicking here, and scroll down to find out more about Hanne in our exclusive Spotlight Interview!

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Spotlight Interview: Hanne Kolstø

For those that haven’t met you yet, could you please introduce yourself – who are you, where are you from, and how would you describe what you do?

Hanne Kolstø, from Norway playing popmusic, popmusic that some may call “extreme-pop”. As simple as that.

You’ve just released a new song into the world – ‘We Don’t See Ourselves’ – as a first taste of your new album. Can you tell us about the story behind the track?

I don’t talk about my songs, it’s all there in the song, I think that people should listen and make up their own stories. It’s important not to take away the listeners own imagination.

We’re very excited about the release of Forever Maybe – can you tell us a bit about where and when you made it?

Glad to hear that! I´m excited as well, the best record I’ve done. I’m glad I don’t feel like I the previous records better, it could’ve happend you know. You’ll never know how it’s gonna turn out to be when you´re in the process. I write it when I lived in Lofoten for one year, so it’s a louder record than the previous ones. Maybe that´s because it was so quiet up there, I could hear myself better.

This will be your fourth album in four years – how do you keep up the momentum to write so much?! What’s your songwriting method like?

I never throw anything away, I always release the ten first songs I write that year. When you do that, you write more, and when you write more you get better at writing. That’s the secret 😉

During the summer, you were performing as part of KOLSTØ/ATLANTER/FRØKEDAL – what were these shows like, and what did you enjoy about working with the other guys?

The few shows we did was big, as for instance at Øya Festival in Norway. A lot of people, both on stage and in the audience. A lot of sound. A lot of everything, I both liked working with these guys and hated it, but love and hate that’s what it’s all about isn’t it. Not a bad thing!

What would you say have been some of the highlights of your year?

All the hiking I did in Lofoten. And the silence. I was completely alone many weeks in a row. That was a highlight. I love being by myself. And I love hiking!


What should we expect from your performance at Ja Ja Ja?!

Me and my band playing my songs and it sounds so fucking much better live than on the record.

Do you have any good new music tips to share with us? Norwegian tips are particularly welcome!

I don’t listen that much to music actually. Sorry.

And finally, what does the rest of the year hold for you?

Forever Maybe is going to be released in Norway by the end of november, doing some shows before and after that. I´m recording a music video for the song “We Don´t See Ourselves” and I guess I have to start writing the fifth album if I’m gonna reach my goal, which is five records in five years…


Ja Ja Ja Proudly Presents:

Francobollo // Hanne Kolstø // Lowly

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Thursday 30th October 2014 – 7:30pm ’til late

The Lexington, Pentonville Road, London N1 9JB

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