We’re very excited about introducing the talented half-Swedish/half-Spanish songstress Sirena! Sirena’s line of business is the kind of high quality pop music that has come sprouting out of Scandinavia lately. The competition is challenging, no doubt, but the success and hype around artists such as Mapei, Tove Styrke, Seinabo Sey and Emilie Nicolas also show how much there is to be gained in this field, and how much people are longing for more.

Last year, Sirena put out a track called ‘Love Is Not’, a tight electronic foot-tapper of a pop song, which can also be found on her Soundcloud page. Her latest release ‘Chemicals’ is more airy and vocal-based, and reveals potential in this artist’s songwriting, voice and production. We look forward to giving the EP a spin or two when it’s released!



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