It’s probably a safe bet to say Andreas Kleerup is best known for his collaboration with Robyn on ‘With Every Heartbeat’, given the song’s huge worldwide success. As a songwriter and producer he’s at his best when he’s creating a magical musical stage for vocalists, and it really is just so good to hear the vocals of Niki and the Dove‘s Malin on this collaborative effort, ‘Rock U’.

Taken from Kleerup‘s latest EP As If We Never Won, this is one of a number of collaborations – other artists who appear include Susanne Sundfør, Jenny Wilson, and Maja Ivarsson of the Sounds – and it’s one of his strongest tracks to date. Unashamedly 80s in production and arrangement, this combined with Malin’s voice evokes Cyndi Lauper at her peak; an effortlessly sweet and nostalgic pop song for frosted pink daydreams.



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