bam spacey

Malmö based electronic producers Bam Spacey have been releasing music with New York’s Ceremony Recordings since 2012’s Land EP, but as they gear up to releasing their debut full length record with the label later this year, they follow up from the first taster, ‘Upplyst’, with ‘Delar Av En Historia (2002)’.

On ‘Delar Av En Historia (2002)’ we find them continuing to explore their combinations of field recordings, distorted vocals and dreamlike synths, which drift over you like a lullaby. That’s not to say this is music to put you to sleep – far from it, it’s more like music to take you on a journey into the depths of your imagination – a woozy adventure of a track to take you into another realm. The song concludes with the chiming of gentle, simple piano chords – the alarm sounds to rouse you from your daydream, but it’s OK – you can go back into that world whenever you wish: just hit play once more.





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