When the brilliant Danish band Battlekat decided to call it quits seemingly for good, there were plenty of people (ourselves included) who were really sad that their visceral approach to synthpop was going to vanish. We need not have worried however: two of the band are back in the form of FAE, and they’re sounding as exciting and uncompromising as ever.

‘RUOK’ is the first track from Jeppe Madsen and Matilde Böcher, and at nearly 10minutes in length, it’s a brave and bold début. It begins gently: soft washes of synth intermingle with the sound of falling rain, before Matilde’s distinctive vocal kicks in like a shaft of light through the clouds. This gentle introduction is the calm before the storm, though – soon enough a hint of arpeggiating synths begin – a taster of the euphoric trance and rave influenced breakdown which hits full force around halfway though the track. ‘RUOK’ is long, but none of it is extraneous or unnecessary – every ascent and descent feels vital, and the result is something that is beautiful and brutal in equal measure.



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