Beatrice Eli
Photo by: Märta Thisner

On previous track ‘Girls‘, we found Swedish singer Beatrice Eli‘s head being turned by a number of different women in various places across her day, the realisation dawning that it was the female of the species – not boys – that floated her boat. That empowering anthem showed the Swede could write a huge pop tune with a message, and she’s not holding back with either the honesty or the tunes on latest single ‘Moment of Clarity’.

Eli has had enough of her head being turned and her focus is on one woman in ‘Moment of Clarity’; it’s a song about obsession, being swept away in the moment before the cold light of day hits you square in the face and you know this whirlwind of a romance might not last beyond lunchtime…yet you can’t quite let it go. The song hits you with an immediate, fleeting curveball of sombre piano before exploding into a technicolour pop song (is it just me or is there more than a hint of Hall & Oates’ ‘Maneater’ in there?) heavy on buzzing synths and tambourine, a gigantic shining chorus and a stunning overdriven outtro that just about steals the show.

It all bodes well for the release of Eli’s debut album Die Another Day, out on 22nd October, so go ahead and listen below…



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