Every year when the leaves are starting to fall down and a late summer breeze is tickling our cheeks, a new Reeperbahn Festival is ringing the bell!

Four days of music, art and conferences in Hamburg’s glimmering and decadent Reeperbahn Kiez mark a “must see” for the excited music lover, so the perfect place for us. A bunch of clubs are presenting a bunch of different bands, every club with its own story to tell, a very own kingdom to let you discover and explore.

There are not a lot of city festivals with such a high concentration of international artists, music industry folks and good surprises as this one. And such as with every good festival, this year’s Reeperbahn Festival has also invited a bunch of fantastic Nordic artists to discover and fall in love with. So we made a little list of “12 Nordic artist to watch at Reeperbahn Festival 2014!” Enjoy and see you soon im Kiez!



Soft and heartfelt. That’s what comes to mind when listening to and experiencing Adna’s dreamy songs. This Swedish delight will be in the spotlight twice at Reeperbahn Festival.

Thursday 18/9, 19.45-20.20, Jazz Café

Friday 19/9, 20.30-21-10, Schulmuseum

Blaue Blume


The free-floating and romantic sound of this band will most definitely get under your skin. Endless emotions, explosive dynamics and a little 90’s feeling delivered by five Danish guys. Blaue Blume will be playing at The Danish Night along with other great Danish artists on Saturday.

Saturday 20/9, 21.10-22.00, Indra

Naomi Pilgrim


With a mix of Swedish coolness and Caribbean warmth, Naomi Pilgrim shows us that soul and R&B never stops being hot. It’s difficult to sit still, when you hear the funky beats and the soft voice of this aspiring soul queen.

Saturday 20/9, 23.20-00.00, Prinzenbar



Get ready for a trip back in time: The 80’s! Potent beats, spacey synths and eccentric male vocals. Icelandic Berndsen will drag you into his hypnotic and exploding universe. He will be playing along with other Icelandic artists at the Iceland Airwaves Showcase on Friday.

Friday 19/9, 14.10-14.40, Spielbude and 21.10-21.50, Terrace Hill

Saturday 20/9, 21.30-22.10, Frau Hedi (Ms Claudia)

Jaakko Eino Kalevi


The music of Jaakko Eino Kalevi has a distinct, icy sound with hints of disco. The tunes are comfortably floating, and it’s no wonder Jaakko already has cult status in his home country Finland.

Thursday 18/9, 21.50-22.35, Terrace Hill

Jenny Wilson

jenny wilson

This Swedish power woman has been around for quite a while, nonetheless she knows how to rock the (concert)dance floor with her rhythmic guitar and idiosyncratic voice.

Friday 19/9, 00.00-01.00, Knust



Get ready for some authentic, contemporary Icelandic music. The sound of Samaris is icy and atmospheric, and naturally thoughts are led to Björk, when you hear the fragile voice of Samaris’ singer Jófríður. They will play along with other Icelandic acts at the Iceland Airwaves Showcase on Friday.

Friday 19/9, 15.00-15.30, Spielbude

Friday 19/9, 23.50-01.00, Prinzenbar



The universe of Danish Sekuoia is truly electronic, but still the sound has an acoustic dynamic to it. Guitar riffs accompany digital beats and synths, and it’s wonky and fresh.

Saturday 20/9, 00.40-01.35, Prinzenbar



This is highly energetic and danceable pop coming out of Oslo, Norway. The vocals of Truls are almost unbelievable, and his tunes are light and heavy at the same time, drizzling with feeling and emotion.

Friday 19/9, 22.30-23.15, Terrace Hill

Sea Change


Inspired by artists Beck, PJ Harvey and Fever Ray, Norwegian Sea Change moves around in an experimental and melancholic universe. Her music is electronic and heavy, accompanied by her floating voice.

Saturday 20/9, 22.45-23.30, Imperial Theater

The White Album


What you see, is not what you get. ‘Cause these three, big Danish men really express their soft, emotional side, when they perform together as The White Album. It’s soft, it’s melodic, and it’s folk. The White Album will be playing at The Danish Night along with other great Danish artists on Saturday.

Saturday 20/9, 20.00-20.40, Indra

Ben Frost


Ben Frost resides in Iceland, where he puts together frosty and mechanical, electronic compositions. His music creates pictures of northern landscapes and Icelandic vulcanos – dramatic and bombastic.

Thursday 18/9, 23.30-00.30, Mojo Club


The Ja Ja Ja club nights are coming to Berlin! The first club night will take place on the 9th of October at the FluxBau presenting some fine, fine Nordic acts that you don’t want to miss – Sweden’s Naomi PilgrimDenmark’s Blaue Blume and Norway’s Alfred Hall!

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