Linnea olsson

The cello isn’t usually the #1 choice of instrument for a young woman embarking on a pop career, but Linnea Olsson isn’t your average artist. Following a worldwide release of her debut album Ah! earlier this year, Linnea’s engaging take on chamber pop leaps into new sonic territories as she reveals new material in the form of ‘Breaking and Shaking’, ahead of a new album due in the autumn.

Guitars and drums take the lead on this track, rather than her trademark cello, but Linnea’s distinctive voice and ability to craft a great melody means it feels like a natural progression, rather than a sudden departure. The video features surreal fragments of Linnea dancing, gazing at the camera through glass prisms, and a number of other strange vignettes, giving it a dreamlike quality; taken alongside Linnea’s own dreamy vocals, it’s a perfect accompaniment.



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