When performing in Berlin on New Year’s Eve, Norway’s Einar Stray Orchestra decided to let the cameras roll and record what would turn out to become the video for the second single from the upcoming album Politricks. Compared to the last single (named after the album), with its racing, post rock gloom, ‘Pockets Full of Holes’ is a more hopeful track, where the orchestral elements of Einar Stray and co.’s music really get to spend some well deserved time in the spotlight.

The song waltzes onwards from the first note. It effortlessly manages to keep a fast pace, occasionally skipping the unnecessary beats, in a way that feels nothing but natural. Really, it’s amazing what you can do with just the cello, the violin and the bass, with a few jazzy rhythm exercises thrown in for good measure. Einar himself and cello player Åsa Ree do a marvellous job with the vocals and everything seems to just seamlessly fit. It’s more than enough to grab and hold on to a whole concert hall for an entire show.

Politricks, the second album by Einar Stray and the first officially released under the name Einar Stray Orchestra, is set to be released on the 22nd August in the Nordics and 6th October in the UK.

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