Having released the single ‘Fingertips’ back in March to great acclaim, Oslo’s Stereopol are unleashing a fresh assault on the airwaves with their latest song.

‘Hourglass’ is another slice of jangly, guitar driven indie pop with a distinctive rock-tinged vocal dubbed by some as a “new Nordic sound,” that calls to mind sun drenched summer days, despite the somewhat somber theme.

According to Stereopol, the song is about the undeniable fact that time is perishable and with lyrics such as, “you can look into the hourglass, you’re running out of sand,” it certainly had us thinking about the fact that autumn is fast approaching.

Their new album is anticipated for 2015 and if the new material is anything to go by, we’re predicting it will do very well indeed. ‘Hourglass’ is available now via Brilliance. Check it out below:



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