With only a month left until the release of her full-length debut album, Stockholm’s Mapei releases a third single – ‘Believe’. The track takes a slightly more straightforward approach to Mapei’s r’n’b than its predecessors, ‘Don’t Wait’ and ‘Change’, although the song certainly has a lot of the same style and sound of her previous tracks. With a steady beat and distorted guitars, it lacks nothing of the sing-along elements and floorfiller potential we’ve seen earlier, and ‘Believe’ confirms that this is what is to be expected from the album – and the expectations are high.

The debut album Hey Hey is out on the 23rd September, and ‘Believe’ is the last piece of the puzzle forming the holy trinity of songs building up to the release. Those who can’t wait for the album are sure to be delighted to hear that it’s up for pre-ordering, with free downloads of all three tracks into the bargain.

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