Danish duo¬†FURNS have proved that they have mastered the art of dream electro-pop many times over. And guess what? They’ve done it again. Monika Faludi and¬†Mathias Dahl just seem to know how to blend perfectly crafted synths with soft, gentle vocals and the latest result of this combination is their brilliant latest track, ‘Stay With Me’.

FURNS bring a peaceful atmosphere to their music – there’s a certain tranquility seen, but a sensuality is clearly visible in their music. ‘Stay With Me’ presents a tapestry of smooth-as-silk synths woven into airy, gossamer vocals, and definitely delivers the standard of dream pop we’ve come to expect from the group. Undulating beats enhance the ethereal croon that Monika Faludi delivers, while a background of slow, quivering voices create a beautiful feeling of serenity. The sensuous croons are expertly crafted, a steady vein, echoing and then tapering, always brought to the centre by beats that resonate throughout.

For all you dream-pop fans out there, this is heaven…

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