Mammút - ATP Festival
Photo by Matt Eisman

Fresh from their performance at ATP Iceland, Icelandic rock darlings Mammút release their first ever official music video for song ‘Þau svæfa’ [The Anesthetic] from the 2013 award winning album Komdu til mín svarta systir [Come To My Black Sister].

Featuring the quintessential jangly, angular guitars; pounding drums and bass; and the powerful, beautiful tones of singer Katrína Mo­gens­sen that have defined Mammúts recent sound, ‘Þau svæfa’ is both darker and heavier than other songs on Komdu til mín svarta systir, but still distinctively a Mammút song.

The visceral and beautiful video has been created by singer Katrína and Sunn­evu Ásu Weiss­ and reflects this darkness perfectly. Watch it below…

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