hampus nessvold

At 18, most of us were likely more preoccupied with issues like ‘will I pass my exams?’ or ‘does my crush fancy me back?’ rather than ‘shall I start a successful podcast where I interview famous people?’ or ‘shall I embark on a tremendously promising pop career?’. While Hampus Nessvold may still also ask himself the first two, the second two have clearly also crossed his mind recently, and the answer has been ‘sure, why not?’.

‘Thinking Out Loud’ is his debut single, and it is tremendously promising. On the one hand we have a downtempo, stripped back song which could belong to a singer-songwriter, but when it lifts into a grand ballad, it fits better with the stadium-pop of an artist like Coldplay. What question will Hampus Nessvold ask himself next? We can’t be sure, but chances are it’ll lead to something very interesting indeed.



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