maasai - anton sallberg
Photo by Anton Sällberg

There’s definitely a pattern emerging here on ‘Forgive Me’, the third single from Swedish “true couple” MAASAI.

Dominque Teymori and Zackarias Ekelund have been playing and singing grandly about heartache and coping strategies since their debut single ‘Memories‘ dropped about a year ago. After following that up with the powerfully bruised ‘The Healer’ we’ve now arrived at the point where the duo are coming to terms with another shattered relationship.

As the title suggests, ‘Forgive Me’ finds MAASAI sharing the blame on a track that builds from spidery guitar and fragile xylophone to a soaring chorus that owes a lot to Wounded Rhymes-era Lykke Li and the modern pop beats of the likes of Kate Boy and Say Lou Lou. While the strings and major piano chords swell beautifully, it’s the rich voice of Teymori that’s the real star – still full of emotion and pathos despite the regret as she sings “I gave my heart / I gave my trust / To another one…”



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